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Marine Water Maker 


Al Kafaah offers durable marine water makers for seawater desalination systems using reverse osmosis  for direct seawater use. All electromechanical parts and components such as high pressure piping and high pressure pumps exposed to seawater are built of duplex stainless steel or super duplex stainless steel depending on the intensity of salinity in feed water.   


All assembled units are mounted on durably coated seawater resistant steel skids preventing any rust or corrosion. Only seawater resistant materials are installed in the units to increase life span. 


Benefits of use

Plug & play system – easy & ready to fix

Mobile – easy to transport

Compact – does not require machine rooms

Fully Automatic – easy to operate & maintain

Fully integrated – all treatments processes included

Economic – lower electricity, less chemicals, higher output

Quick Deployment - shortest fabrication and delivery time

for direct seawater use


barge ship vessel watermaker al kafaah dubai uae (1).jpg

Cargo Vessels

Yachts & Ships


Oil Rigs

Offshore Platform


Marine watermaker seawater reverse osmosis fresh water generator RO ship platform barge Al

For larger size sea water containerized and skid mounted RO Desalination units click here

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