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Water Treatment Systems

Multi Media Filters (FRP)

- Pressure Filter

- Multimedia Filter

- Silica Sand Filter

- Activated Carbon Filter

- Arsenic Removal Filter

- Iron Removal Filter

high pressure sand filter steel tanks al kafaah dubai abu dhabi sharjah uae.jpg

Activated Carbon Filters (Steel)

- Lamella Clarifier  

- Flocculation

- Arsenic & Iron Filter 

- Sedimentation

- Polymer Dosing 

- Aeration

- Pressure Tanks

- Dual Bed Softener 

- Single Bed Softener 

- Cationic Demineralizer 

- Anionic Demineralizer 

- Mixed Resin Demineralizer  

Softeners & DM Plant

- Water Purification  

- Turbidity & TSS Removal 

- RO Pretreatment 

- Grey Water Filtration

- Treated Wastewater Polish

Ultra Filtration Systems

softener al kafaah mixed bed dubai abu dhabi uae.jpg
ultra filtration.jpg
Multimedia Filtration Skid Al Kafaah UAE.jpg

Product Video

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