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Reverse Osmosis Systems
Large Scale  

Fixed Type for City, Township & Industries

Large scale desalination plants are commissioned to serve larger communities, townships or industrial applications using raw water from the seawater or brackish water from surface water or well water. Our desalination systems apply reverse osmosis (RO) process to desalt water. Reverse Osmosis is preferred as it can produce greater quantity of desalinated water using lesser energy and lesser operating chemicals. Cost wise, RO is more economical to install and requires less setup downtime. Desired product water parameters can be set using control and monitoring equipment fitted in each plant.


Large scale desalination plants are supplied in platforms trains which contain membranes and pumps. Pretreatment by multimedia filtration and chemical dosing is provided in large scale and comes in separate platforms.


Benefits of use

Cost effective – less capital investment to setup

Economic – lesser operation and maintenance cost

Production – higher output of desalinated water compared to other processes

Energy efficient – requires less electricity to operate

Environment friendly – requires usage of less chemicals to operate and maintain

for seawater, brackish water, well water & river water

municipal ro systems desalination al kafaah dubai uae.jpg


Municipality, city & town water supply

Housing communities & development

Industrial zones & parks

Barges & offshore facilities

Power Station, heavy industries

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