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Helping the Impoverished

Water Crisis for the Impoverished

As the world grows rapidly, a big portion of the world’s population remain without access to safe & clean drinking water. This figure, when numbered, can reach a staggering 1.2 billion. Most developing nations are struggling to cope with the need to provide safe and clean water for its most impoverished.

Mission: Access to Drinking Water for All

Al Kafaah’s mission is to be a part of the solution to mitigate global water crisis in the most difficult regions and aimed at the most impoverished communities on earth. Availability of water does not make it suitable for drinking, as it might contain impurities, which when consumed can be detrimental for the human body. Such as places where surface water in lakes or rivers are available, yet not fit for consumption due to high levels of suspended solids, debris and turbidity. On the other hand ground water can also pose an even greater health risk as it can be brimming with toxic dissolved impurities such as high levels of iron and arsenic. In both cases, it is very important to provide a sustainable treatment that can operate using limited resources, low on energy consumption, durable in construction and requiring minor maintenance.  

Sustainable Solutions

Al Kafaah as part of its humanitarian responsibility provides sustainable solutions for small communities, townships and villages which can produce clean, safe and healthy source of drinking water from various sources such as bore wells, lakes and rivers. Such systems are provided on partnership basis to committed Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), humanitarian organizations, relief & disaster support groups etc.



To learn more on this, please drop in an email to: describing your target region and requirement.

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