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Surface Water Treatment

20ft & 40ft modules 

Al Kafaah offers containerized surface water plants which are fully factory pre-installed and ready to be shipped in containers of 20 ft (6m) and 40 ft (12m) sizes. Containerized surface water treatment plants serve the sole purpose of purifying water taken from rivers, lakes, canals and other water bodies. Specific treatment methods to target raging turbidity, iron, sand, dirt, or suspended solids are included with each package. Each unit is equipped with chemical dosing, post polishing by sand and carbon bed filter, intake and distribution pumps, water quality monitoring and an automatic control panel. Systems available are:

Lamella Clarification
Flash Mixing
Diffused Air Flotation
Plate Interceptor
Rapid Sand Filter


Plug & Play Feature

​Containerized desalination plants are factory preinstalled and pre-tested before delivery making them ready to use immediately on site. By connecting three simple pipelines, the system gets ready to use at site.


Integrated "All in One" Design

Every desalination plant installed inside containers contain pre-treatment systems, post treatment systems, multimedia filters, chemical dosing stations and control systems. For the ease of the end user, every plant is fully automatic in operation and is equipped audible warnings and alarms. Standard containers are equipped with lighting, access doorways, ventilation and air conditioning.


Benefits of use

Plug & play system – easy & ready to fix

Mobile – easy to transport

Compact – does not require machine rooms

Fully Automatic – easy to operate & maintain

Fully integrated – all treatments processes included

Economic – lower electricity, less chemicals, higher output

Quick Deployment - shortest fabrication and delivery time

for river water, lake water or any surface water

IMG_5441 (1) - Copy.JPG
Multimedia Activated Carbon Water Treatment with Manhole Filtration Filter Sand Gravel Iro


Housing development

Agriculture, greenhouse, irrigation

Construction sites, labor camps

Water bottling factory

Beverage industry

Hospitals, pharmaceutical  

Dairy, poultry, livestock

Hotel, resort, golf clubs

Offshore rigs, island

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